Business DNA for Success

Employee who wants to design the RIGHT business model for success.
Business Owners who want to TRANSFORM your business from “okay” to “GREAT”!


THE CHALLENGES before Training

  • New startup
    • Not sure what business to start
    • Not sure how to get sales, customers, profit
    • Not sure how much investment is required
    • Not sure if business is right for you
  • Existing business owner 
    • Life as a business owner is like living in a “hamster wheel”
    • Looking for a breakthrough 

THE SOLUTION after Training

  • Alignment of personal goal with business goal
  • Clarity on how to grow the business
  • Personal gap : attitude & skill
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Team & Systems
  • Innovative Business Model

About the Trainer

Hui Shan
+6012 2318635
entrepreneurship, business coaching & finance


  1. Identify a Business Idea that is aligned to your personal life goal

  2. Turn this idea into a profitable, sustainable and scalable business

  3. Build solid fundation for step-by-step growth.

  4. Know how much investment and monthly cashflow required to build this business?
    FIGURES don’t lie … if the numbers look bad on paper, you need to tweek it, until its good… then we can execute the plan.

  5. Understand the importance of Networking. Learn to collaborate for greater success.

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