Written Business Plan

Turn Business Goals into Action Plans
with TEAM KPI & Alignment

STOP Confusion, START Alignment & Action Now!


WHY WRITTEN business plan & Quarterly Review?

IMPORTANCE of Written Plan

  • Clarity on business goal
  • Focus on improvement
  • Follow up on past plan
  • Plan ahead for funding and manpower requirements

Outcome of Written Business Plan

  • Increase success rate of organisation
  • Business goals is turned into action plans (90 days x 4)
  • Alignment of expectation between business owners, managers & staff
  • Monitor progress of the action plan
  • Make improvement/adjustment, as deemed necessary
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Clarity of KPI & accountability
  • Quantifiable achievement for promotion & increment
  • Create a culture for continuous learning & development
  • Communication tool – bankers, investors, grant providers, suppliers, customers and others


  • Update & conduct business plan review (every 3 months)
  • Conduct 1 day alignment workshop/training (every 3 months)
  • Coaching – to hold management & staff accountable to achieve their KPI


About the Trainer

Hui Shan
+6012 2318635
entrepreneurship, business coaching & finance



1. Pre-Training  

  • Complete a Business Questionaire
  • Meet with business owner (and managers) to gain clarity on
  • Quantify business goals into financial figures
  • Compile all information into a written business plan with financial projections


2. Business Action Plans

  • Breakdown goals into action plans (90 days x 4)
  • Breakdown action plans into quantifiable deliverables
  • Assigning tasks to the right staff
  • Setting KPI for staff


3. Alignment Workshop

  • Conduct 1 alignment workshop/training to communicate Business Plan to management & staff

(*Training venue and expenses to be provided by client)

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